Eighteen years ago, whilst studying art and following time training as a nurse, I had my first experience of reflexology. The effect of these initial treatments was so profound that it made me re-evaluate my entire lifestyle and set me on a journey of self-discovery; physically, psychologically and spiritually. I decided to retrain as a reflexologist and share the benefits with others. I haven’t looked back since.

I am a firm believer in an integrated approach to wellbeing, using complementary therapies and conventional medicines, with the primary focus on preventative care for the whole individual. I take pride in the integrity of the products I use – a key element of the treatment – as well as the relationship I have developed over the years with the excellent company that produces them, Ila-Spa. My work continues to evolve as I continue to learn.

I am passionate about what I do, about making a real difference to others’ lives and, ultimately, to society as a whole. A current project involves working with yoga practitioners to develop a treatment for children, integrating yoga and reflexology: the aim being to help support children manage stress, anxiety and depression.

When not treating, there’s nothing I like more than walking through Cotswold woodland, sketchbook under my arm.



“Hilary is a beautiful balance of opposites: soft yet strong, spiritually uplifting yet totally grounded, hilariously funny but equally Wise Woman, oftentimes psychic and yet also able to advise on the practical. I love her ardently. She treats the soul and spirit as integral to the physical and has one of the most generous hearts I’ve ever connected with. One truly feels she will walk side by side with you through the darkest valley. If there are angels on earth I believe she is one.” Daisy Finer (Freelance Spa Specialist)
“My family and I have been seeing Hilly for reflexology for over 8 years now.  In this time we have come to know her well and trust, not only her incredible skill but also her extraordinary insight.  Hilly is a very special lady with a very special gift.  She has seen me through 2 tricky pregnancies and births and my treatment for breast cancer with deep compassion, sensitivity and love.  Hilly has obvious skill and a high level of understanding about the human body but it is her deeper connection to each individual spirit that sets her apart.  Through the feet she can feel / see / read so much and is able to offer timely, often profound insight for the body and the psyche.  I cannot recommend Hilly enough, she is a truly unique and gorgeous human being.”   Sally
“Hilly works on my feet when I’m in the country (I live in the USA and frequently visit family in the UK).  I really look forward to seeing Hilly and I make my appointment with her as soon as I know when I will be in the UK. There’s no one like her and I can’t get the sort of reflexology service she provides where I live. Hilly is a warm, sweet and thoughtful person, who is dedicated to her profession. She can very cleverly detect any issues I have, and I always appreciate leaving my session, with Hilly’s advice on how to take care of them.  I would dearly love to see Hilly much more than I am able.  I feel instantly de-stressed when my feet are in her more than capable hands.”   Kathy
“Hilary is a joy. I have been going to her sessions for a number of years and have found myself being put back into a very good space after each visit.  Hilary is calming, very good at her trade, fun and interesting to talk to – you feel at ease from the start of entering her treatment room – suddenly your busy, cluttered world disappears and you can revel in having an often much neglected part of our body cherished and understood by Hilary – it is remarkable each time and something I look forward to each and every visit!”    Pam
“Hilary holds the purest of intentions and channels the purest healing energy, which is love. She brings you back in touch with your essence, which is also love …..Reflexology is the medium by which Hilary touches your soul. She is a rare jewel and light and I feel very blessed to know her.”   Denise
“I see Hilary on a regular basis and have done for the past 5 years.  What started as a quick fix for some long forgotten ailment has become an intrinsic part of my wellbeing routine.  Hilary’s treatments are second to none; her skill, knowledge and intuition pack a potent punch. I walk out of my treatments rebalanced and energised. I have recommended Hilary to people from all walks of life and without exception every single one of them has benefitted. The added extra is that Hilary is also a delight to be around….gentle, funny and self deprecating.”   C.S.
“To say that Hilary simply massages your feet would be a huge understatement. Her treatments are so much more. I am lucky enough to have been treated by Hilary for over 6 years and the benefits following the sessions are tangible, profound even. Not only does she have a remarkable understanding of the human body – comprising western and eastern medicine – and a unique (in my experience) ability to detect and predict problem areas within the body, she also has what I can only describe as a natural capacity for healing. She is also able to tailor her treatments to the individual or to each treatment, understanding intuitively how deep to work. She has so much compassion and kindness, too – I feel privileged to know her. I cannot recommend Hilary highly enough.”   Katy Steel